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Unity AR experience in native android


This is for the Franklin Institute app where we already have an existing app built in native android code. 

Expectation - AR experience is being built in the Unity framework & same has to be integrated with the native android code.  

Action Performed- Step 1 - For doing so, we have generated JAR/AAR file from Unity codebase by following steps 1 to 5 from below link -

Step 2 - We've imported JAR file in existing native code base & made all the necessary configuration for same.

Results Achieved - Now when we are triggering the Unity AR experience from the native app then we are either getting a static black screen or it says "Your hardware doesn't support this application" Please see attached screenshot. 

Devices Used - Google Pixel, Nexus 6p, Samsung Galaxy S4 & one plus 3T.

It would be really helpful if you can help us in debugging this issue. 

When an APK file is generated from Unity codebase then it is working absolutely fine on Android devices.

We've done the same thing for iOS app also & it is working perfectly fine. For iOS also we have native code-base & here we've imported complete unity project. Over here Unity AR experience is getting launched from the native app.


Avinav Saigal

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