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Debug JavaScript


How can I check my javascript before integration into the app ? There is no proper link and steps indicate in wikitude documentation.

I have read debugging steps from link but not useful for me

Hello Darshan,

In the documentation link you posted above it states:
"Desktop browsers come with great debugging tools (e.g. Chrome's DevTools ) that allow you to easily debug your JavaScript code and that you should make full use of when debugging ARchitect Worlds."

If you follow the link then you are directed here where it explains in detail how to debug javascript.




I know that Chrome Dev Tools is used for debugging. But My question is that when I changed JavaScript than every time I install app into Android Smart Phone and after that, I can debug javascript into Chrome Dev Tools.

Can you please suggest me any tool or software using that I can check my JavaScript result without installing in Android Smart Phone?

Hello Darshan,

Unfortunately I do not understand what you mean by saying 'without installing in Android Smart Phone'. Could you please elaborate a bit further?




Describe steps that I currently follow :


My aim is that I have to change 3D model load position to the corner of the android smart phone. For that, I have to change JavaScript code. After Changing JavaScript code I have to installed app into an Android phone to test JavaScript work properly or not. So every time I changed JavaScript I have to install app in the Android smart phone for testing JavaScript so it's a little bit weird for me. So Is there any tool and software using that I have to test my javascript change before installing into the android phone.

Hi Darshan,

there is the ARchitect Desktop Environment (ADE) which allows you to simulate the behaviour of your JS code in a normal browser. 

Please take a look at our documentation for this.

Please note that this will not simulate any graphics, just the loading/click/callback behaviours.

Best Regards,


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