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Object tracking color threshold?

Why do lighting changes affect Wikitude object tracking performance in Unity when using Wikitude's object tracking - especially the size or scale we're dealing with (6-ft. tall statues). The color and amount of light seem to affect it. Is there a color threshold? If the color doesn't fall within a threshold it seems to disregard it as a target. Is there a way to expand the threshold so it's not so finicky with the colors?

Hello Yetzer,

That highly depends on the environment in which you are testing your object. Do you think that it would be possible that you provide us with a video demonstrating how you testing so that I can provide you with more information?



Hello Eva,

We generated our own scan data via photogrammetry which captured the actual lighting and used that to make the video via 3ds Max which was successful. The tracking data worked from that process. Most of the data is from the front face, not the sides or rear. Only the front face activates the object tracking.

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