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model disorder

Need help.

Please see the attached .fbx, I imported into 3D encoder but one of the legs of horse moved disorderly.

Cant find the reason. 

horse.wt3 is the result. Please notice the rear leg.



(758 KB)
(1.58 MB)

I am curious that most of our models work fine, but I dont know which part of  this model is special. Do you notice something specail?

need help  :(

Good morning,

I'm afraid I haven't yet found the time to investigate this issue. I was able to reproduce it though.

I hoping to be able to have a look at it early next week. It seems to be that this is an issue that requires fixing on the SDK or 3D encoder side.

- Daniel


my apologies for the delayed reply. I only just have found time to investigate this issue. My best guess currently is that we're importing the FBX file incorrectly. I have not, however, found anything wrong so far.

Would you mind providing some of your working models for me to have a look at. I didn't yet find anything that struck me as remarkable with this particular model. Maybe having something to directly compare it with will shed some light on the issue and allow me to narrow down my investigation.

But seeing as the animation plays correctly in both Blender and the FBX reviewer tool, I expect there is something to be fixed on the encoder end of things.

I'm afraid I'll be on vacation for the next week, so I must, again, defer the investigation to a later point in time. Sorry about that.

- Daniel

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