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Instant Tracking with vertical Plane Orientation crash in Unity

What must I modify in the Instant Tracking Scene example (under Assets\Wikitude\Samples\Scenes), so that the code from  MoveController.cs and ScaleController.cs can together work?

Please help!

I have already set the property PlaneOrientation on vertical in the Inspector. Has the value of the current device height above the ground an effect to the vertical PlaneOrientation?

Unity is crashing!

Can you put me, please in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!!!

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The Instant Tracking Scene should already work with both moving and scaling when you build on the device. Is it not working for you? On what device are you testing?

The vertical PlaneOrientation is useful when you are trying to track a scene that is on a wall. The device height above ground still has the same effect, even if the name is a bit confusing. It just defines what is the estimated distance between the phone and the plane that will be tracked.

If Unity is crashing, can you please post here the errors you are getting? Is the editor itself crashing, or is the app on your phone crashing? Is there a way to reproduce the crash?

Best regards,


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