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Not able to use Barcode , QR code sample for scanning purpose

I am able to test initial image recognition samples on my Android device properly. 

I am building a project wherein I need to scan a barcode to show relevant product information video of that product, For that  I am trying to use barcode sample in my cordova based hybrid app on Android device. 

The sample is able to detect the image, however it doesn't detect based on barcode .I am scanning this barcode provided in wikitude_sample_app_target_images folder 

Can you please confirm if the sample code is correct OR I am missing something. Also on looking into code, I am not sure if it is really considering scanning of barcode or QR code. Please check the sample once.

I have added self.requiredFeatures = [ "image_tracking" ];  I hope this is the same feature required for barcode as well. Please confirm

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Our Cordova Plugin does not support the Plugins API at the moment, this is why the Cordova SDK sample app does not include the samples for Plugins API. If you intend to use our Plugins API you'd need to work with e.g. the JS API instead.

I hope this helps. Greetings



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