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SDK 7.0.0 Cloud Recognition not Working on some Targets

Hi there, 

We have been using the Wikitude SDK for a few years now, so we understand that not all images track well.  We've recently upgraded to the SDK 7 and are now using cloud recognition in our apps which works great most of the time.  The problem we are having though is that sometimes an image just will not be recognized no matter what we do.  I'd expect this if it was a 0 star image, obviously, but this is happening with random 1 and even 2 star images!!! Is there some way we can ensure the WTC is being searched properly server-side, or that the images are being registered properly with the target manager?  I cannot see a reason why a 2 star image would not be able to get recognized at all on using cloud recognition, but gets recognized fine with an older version of our app (which uses in-memory WTC).  This is happening with the Android JS SDK.

Thanks for any help.

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Hi Metthew,

Can you please send over the .wtc files (you should have different ones - the old one for SDK < 6 and the new format for SDK 6 and above). Can you please also let us know which images are not working as expected?

Thx and greetings



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