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Unable to load my own architect world in iOS with Javascript


I am unable to load my own architect world in iOS with Javascript SDK,

Its always show me front Camera and not scanning any thing.

Can you please help me on this.

Below is my code to load my own Architect :


NSString *title = @"Scan";
 NSString *groupTitle = @"Video";
 NSString *relativePath = @"7_Video_3_SnappingVideo";
 WTFeatures requiredFeatures = WTFeature_ImageTracking;
 NSDictionary *startupParameters = @{@"camera_position" : @"back",@"camera_resolution" : @"auto"};
 NSString *viewControllerExtensionObject = nil;
 NSString *viewControllerExtension = viewControllerExtensionObject ? viewControllerExtensionObject : nil;
 NSString *bundleSubdirectory = [[NSString stringWithFormat:@"ARchitectExamples"] stringByAppendingPathComponent:relativePath];
 NSLog(@"bundleSubdirectory : %@", bundleSubdirectory);
 NSURL *absoluteURL = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"index" withExtension:@"html" subdirectory:bundleSubdirectory];
 NSLog(@"absoluteURL : %@", absoluteURL);
 WTAugmentedRealityExperience *experience = [WTAugmentedRealityExperience experienceWithTitle:title groupTitle:groupTitle URL:absoluteURL requiredFeatures:requiredFeatures startupParameters:startupParameters requiredViewControllerExtension:viewControllerExtension];
[augmentedRealityViewController loadAugmentedRealityExperience:experience showOnlyBackButton:YES];


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Good morning,

would it be possible to see the rest of your code as well? Their are certainly some subsequent steps missing or not shown in this snippet (i.e. starting the SDK).

Also, did you try building and running the sample app that is included in the SDK package? It should work out of the box and show all the required steps to get the SDK up and running.

- Daniel

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