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Camera doesn't initiate - black screen

Hey there, I am new to WikiTude but have read the docs and used the output settings but when I run the app on my iPad or iPhone I get a white (sometimes black) screen with a grid vs my camera view. 

I downloaded the demo project and ran that and got the same thing.  

Any ideas?

  • Xcode 9 Beta 5
  • Using the UNITY SDK for Wikitude  (7.0.0 13.07.2017)
  • Unity 2017.1.0f3

Hi Michael, I'm facing same issue for XCode 9 as I'm using JAVASCRIPT API for iOS. Have you got resolution of this issue ?

Yes, my resolution is to not use Wikitude.  This post is four months old with no reply from them and no real update from them on the thread that I mentioned I was tracking.  

Hello Mayank,

Did you check the forum post above that Michael provided? I kindly ask you to check and update the forum post here

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