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Shadow Basics 1.0

Hello all,

I've recently been working on a simple animated 3D character that will be used for and AR project. So far I have managed to work most of my problems out but I'm stuck and could do with some help. Please could someone point me in the direction of how to apply a ground plane shadow to my animation. The character floats about.

I'm working In Lighwave 10 and exporting an FBX & converting to Wt3

I know this may be simple but I just need a push in the right direction.

Also I've had some trouble getting my transparent glass to come through correctly.

Kind regards in advance.


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Good morning Alex,

I'm afraid the JavaScript SDK simply does not support shadows. The only way I can think of you including a shadow anyway, is to have it as a part of the model geometry. That's obviously a very 'hacky' approach and very cumbersome to do as well, I imagine.

For rendering needs that exceed the simple feature set the JavaScript SDK provides, we recommend using our Unity plugin.

- Daniel

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