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3D model issue with SDK 7.0


I have a problem switching from SDK 6.1 to SDK 7.0: when I update the SDK in my app, some of my 3D models are not down scaled anymore (scale = 0.1)

The target detection is working good (I get valid target informations in my native plugin), but the 3D model is badly displayed.

Sometimes the 3D model isn't displayed (a gray blinking thing appears instead)

- I'm using JS SDK on android (issue reproduced on all of my phones)

- If I put my augmentations in the sample app (html, js, tracker and wt3), the model is displayed correclty...

- If I try to change the model scale in the js in my app, it has no effect (tried several values (0.1, 0.01, 0.001).

I've looked for hours in my project to find a difference between the sample app and mine, but no luck...

Do you have any idea why this happens in my app?



Hi Laurent,

would you mind sending me your project so I can have a look. I'd be interested to know what you are calling exactly. The World (html, js, etc.) should be sufficient for now.

- Daniel

Hi Daniel, I sent you my world via email.

Also note I have the same behaviour when using one of the worlds from the sample app in my app: I used 3D model on target, and the car appears very big on the image target.



Good morning Laurent,

in that case I'm actually more interested to see your entire project. Based on that information, the error can hardly lie with the world. Would you mind providing that as well? Or, alternatively, a minimal project that demonstrates the issue. I should definitely be something I can run out of the box.

Which e-mail address are you sending to?



I sent you a link at address

Sending you my entire project is not something I can do, I'll try to make a simple project that reproduce the issue and send it to you.

Don't you have any idea of what I could do wrong that makes this kind of issue appear ?




Hi Laurent,

the simple project would be my preference anyway, so getting that would be great.

I'm afraid I really don't know what could be causing the issue you are describing. My intuition tells me it has to be something within the world, but your description of the issue only occurring in your app and not our sample app implies the contrary. So I'm quite puzzled, actually. I'll have a look at the world anyway.

- Daniel

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