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3d model look correctly in Encoder tool but became wrong when showing in app


We have a model that show correctly in Wikitude 3d Encoder.

After converted to *.wt3 file, the Wikitude 3d Encoder still show the *.wt3 file correctly.

But when using the *.wt3 file in real app, the model is show wrongly as the picture below. We use scale value is (1,1,1) but the issue still occurs.

I've attract the original FBX file and the WT3 file. 



Is there any update for this issue ?

It seems similar with the issue "Invalid Animation" reported there

We found a workaround for it by coming mesh but we plan to let user upload their own *.wt3 file. If the wikitude encoder already show correctly, it is inconvenient for them to open and edit the 3d files to make the model show correctly in final app.

Hi Heather and Eric,

I agree that these issues look strikingly similar. I've had a quick look, but do not have anything substantial to report yet. So it seems to be an issue that needs to be scheduled properly as it exceeds the timeframe allocated for the average support case.

I'll create reports internally and hope to be able to report back with a solution soon.

As to the issue itself, I can confirm that the encoder rendering and SDK rendering should be the same, obviously. If they do not match, as in this case, it is an issue that needs fixing.

- Daniel

P.S. This exact post has been posted in both threads. I'll keep both of them open and will keep updating them in case the issues have different causes.

Good morning Heather and Eric,

I'm happy to report that the model rendering issues you suffered did indeed have a common source and that the problem has been fixed. The change will have to undergo some testing, but I'm confident to say that it will be shipped with the next minor release of the SDK, which is scheduled to arrive very soon.

If you have an immediate need for the fix, I could provide a nightly build for you to test with and use in the meantime. Please let me know whether that will be necessary or not.

- Daniel

(Linking to the other thread here for future reference)

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