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Pause camera stream

Is there a way to pause the video stream without enabling the input plugin feature to the wikitude camera.
The idea is to be able to use the Wikitude features but using the last frame from the camera.

Hi Yordan,

Which Wikitude SDK product/extension are you using?

In case you're using the Wikitude SDK with JS API, you can disable only the camera (rendering) at runtime through ` = false`, although this would render a black camera frame. In case you use the native API, you would need to implement your own input plugin and implement the desired behaviour yourself. But our input plugin examples should give you an easy start on that, especially the `Custom Camera` example.

Best regards,


Thank you for the response. Unfortunately black screen won't do the job and when using Input Plugin I have that strange problem where Wikitude losses the scene super easy. I posted another thread on that issue...

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