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WikitudeSDK_NativeAPI_iOS_7-0-0_2017_07_12_16_23_31() not recognize image


I am developing an (IOS Native) application . where user   get an image on his smartphone and has to  recognizes image. Our goal is that the user targets his smartphone camera on the  app  recognize image.  but image recognize not working . WikitudeSDK_NativeAPI_iOS_7-0-0_2017_07_12_16_23_31 i downloaded from ios source code).

Best regards,

Alok Kumar


Does the unchanged sample app work for you? If so, please make sure to follow all needed steps to change the images (wtc file) to recognize your own target images.



Hi Nick,

Can you recognise the target images that are originally included in the example application?

Do you want to use cloud recognition or on device recognition (Which example are you trying out)? Based on your screenshot, I'm not sure if you create the correct kind of target collection. For on device recognition, you need to download a so called `.wtc` file which included the targets that are recognisable on the device. In case you use cloud recognition, you need to create a target collection that is stored in our cloud infrastructure.

Can you describe your app idea in more detail so that we can help you?

Best regards,


Hi Nicola,

unchnaged sample app . i modified  images (wtc file) to recognize my own target images. but still not recoginize.

i done changes for:

 kWTLicenseKey = "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"

 self.cloudRecognitionService = self.wikitudeSDK.trackerManager().createCloudRecognitionService(withClientToken: "b277eeadc6183ab57a83b07682b3ceba", targetCollectionId: "54e4b9fe6134bb74351b2aa3", completion: { (success: Bool, error: Error!) in

but still not recognize. i 

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