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I have some question :

1- In the new wikitude studio there is no HTML widget?

2- how many tracker images i can use per Project ?

3-with  SDK PRO 3D ( ONE TIME ) , i can export my Apk and upload it to google play, and then i will have the ability to add as much i want images or projects , without the need of updating the APK every time, i add new tracker image or project?

Hi Elias,

Here are the details to your questions:

1. No the new Studio does not offer the HTML widget augemtation, as this type is quite error prone due to the different renderings on different phones.
2. Per project you can have up to 1000 images.
3. Yes you can publish your app and have the content / the AR view stored on your servers so you can change and update the content without the need to republish the app.

Should you need anything further, just let me know anytime.




so without republish the app i can add how much i want projects , and 1000 image per project?

Can we export multiple project at once?? If yes let me know how to do it?


There is a technical limit - so independently if you publish the app or just test, the limit per target collection is always 1000. Yes you can export multiple projects, but in the app only one experience can be active at a time.




can you please guide me, or send me documentation (coding part) how to do export multiple project ? my developer success to make it with only 1 project. Please Guide me!!
Here you can find a tutorial on how to work with the new Studio:



can you send me link ,how to setup the app, to use multiple projects?

The best way to start is to check out the sample app which comes with the SDK download package together with the respective documentation section.

Each section includes a set-up guide, which helps you set up your project.




how i can export multiple projects of js experience on my own server???
You can create multile projects in the new Studio and then export each of those.




"how to setup multiple projects in one folder on my server as i need use them on android app??"

i need away to make it !!!!

becaue android app need only 1 link !!!!!!!!!! how to manage it please?

send me explaination ??????????????????????????

i need help !!!!!!!! please !!!! 

here i need to put the link of my server, how to merge all the projects in one folder?
(854 KB)
If you wish to have everything available under 1 link, then you'll need to put all the images that you wish to have available for scanning under 1 project in Studio.

So - 1 project in Studio = 1 link to your server
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