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how to play Full Screen Video In Android

 I have created one app with trial license as per the instruction on this video:

I have used Java Script API for android. I can detect image and I can see button that I have put on there but can not play it as like the demo application.

It will be good if you can attach sample code to display full screen video after image detection.

I am using 7.0 Version. I am not using any Extensions. I have tested it with my device (Samsung Galaxy J6). This error is happening in sample app.

Exact Steps to Re-produce:

1. Add one image on wikitude studio.

2. Add one full screen video. you can use any of the youtube video link.

3. export it with self hosting.

4. I have imported, exported files to my server.

5. add that server URL to your application. I have generated demo with the video I have attached before in this forum.

6. everything is working correct.I can see that video and that button on the demo app but video is not playing as it should be same as wikitude app.

Please mark that I am using newest version of studio and API. Here is the link of my server demo:


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Hi Brian,

Since you have already created a similar forum post here, I will mark this one as duplicated and you need to update the first forum post you created.



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