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Wikitude Plugins API (Java, Android)

Hi, I have one question regarding the Wikitude Plugins API. I saw, that it is possible to create a Plugin in Java or C++. The problem is that the base java Class Plugin is marked as deprecated. So, I'm not a huge fan to code in C++, but if there is no other way to create a Plugin, maybe someone can give me some more insight to create a simple Plugin to read out the modelview and projection matrix of a recognized target. I Know that there is a section in the official documentation, but it is not so easy to understand for a complete C++ gimp. 

Hello Robert,

You are correct that your only option to create a Plugin is using C++. Therefore, I would recommend that you start from this programming language. Apart from reading our documentation, what you could also do is download our sample and have a look at the code there to see how we implemented our plugins. This is the only help we can offer you as the Wikitude support team, since we cannot provide new code but we focus more on bug fixes.



Hi Eva,

I can absolutely understand that the focus lies on the bug fixing!

I managed it to create a Plugin based on the Custom Camera Plugin. But I have still some problems to get a correct ModelViewProjection-Matrix out of the Plugin into my Java-Project. 

Well still I have so many questions in my mind:

- How can I load many 3D-Objects dynamically into a Location-Based Scene.

- How can I create a Plugin for a Location-Based Scenario and load 3D-Objects directly from the Java-Part of my application (actually I don't want to use the properitary 3D file format, because I generate dynamical simple 3D-Objects with faces, vertices, etc.). 

- How to handle a touch recognition.

- and so on

Well I think I can extract a few answers out of the documentation. 

Anyway, thank you very much for your answer Eva! 

Well, I have nothing against it, to get a few hints about my questions.

Best regards


Hi Robert,

you can only get the MVP-matrix for Image-/Instant- and ObjectTracking. For Location based AR you will not be able to receive a MVP-matrix.

To answer your questions:

- Since you are not using AR.Model for your 3D-Objects you can not do this since you can not receive a MVP-matrix for a GeoObject and because of this won't know where to draw it.

- You can draw your 3D objects in c++ in your plugin code, this can be seen in the YUVFrameInputPlugin but you won't know the where to draw it. (see above reason)

- If you do not use AR.Drawables for your augmentations but your own Objects you will have to implement your own touch handling.

Best Regards,


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