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My app has ten buttons which need to launch an AR world. I am using the example 10_Browsing$Pois_5_Native$Detail$Screen in Wikitude Sample.

I wonder if it is possible to receive the Server URL throught a Variable or i should to create 10 different "Architec World URL" with the different URL.

Thanks in Advance


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Good morning Cynthia,

I'm afraid I don't quite understand what you are trying to do exactly. If you have 10 buttons of which each one loads a distinct architect world, then they naturally have distinct URLs. So each button needs to ultimately call loadArchitectWorldFromURL with a different URL.

Of course you can store the URL of the server they are loaded from in a separate variable and just concatenate the differentiating part thereto.

Is that what you were asking? I feel like there's a good chance I just misinterpreted what you are actually trying to do.

- Daniel

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