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How to get the longitude/latitude from a user's click?

Hi, I am trying to add a GeoOject based on a user's click. So the user's camera opens, I want them to click anywhere they want and at that point (long, lat) the app will place the object they have selected. My question is how do I capture this click and get it's longitude, latitude, altitude?

Would it be a combination of the Instant Tracking and POI Tutorials? Wondering if there is an easier way than this. Thanks!

Hello Sana,

Maybe this forum post could help with your use case. In general, we do not offer any functionality that takes screen coordinates as an input so I would say that touch input is the only way to get these intersection coordinates.



Maybe I can explain better, so in a geolocation scenario, the user sees a point of interest such a library and click's on it, the app should get it's coordinates so that it can overlay an information bubble saying something like "POI #1" Is it possible to do this?

Thank you for your help. I'm going ahead by placing the point of interest some distance in front of the user's geolocation. This is resolved.

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