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V6 works, v7 does not display any augmentation

Hi i'm importing the wtc in a project (the one I get using the arrow in the project detail view) but It never get to detect the image and it does not display any augmentation. In the preview app it does recognise... 

The app is loaded properly, no js error not any other kind, but it never display the augmentations 

I am using the v7 of the sdk with just a World declared in JS pointing to the downloaded WTC, when I'm in the detail of an image and export the project from it I get the V6 version and it DOES work but I need the v7

Hello Javi,

Could you please send me all the tools that you are using and the exact steps you are taking so that I can further advice you?



the tools are Wikitude studio beta, android studio 3.0 canary 9

The steps are:

in Wikitude studio(BETA)

1. create an image project

2. upload one image

3 add some augmentations

4.a in this veiw I click the project option from the menu and export it

4.a.1 I get in my email a experience project with all the sources (v6 of the resources) and it works

4.b I go back to the general project view where I have repeat the step 2 and 3 several times

4.b.1 I click in the WTC icon with the arrow

4.b.2 I get the wtc file, with everything there as there is in the sample you provide with the v7 of the sdk

4.b.3 I am moving one on the sample assets folder  to my app, and replacing the wtc

4.b.4 I point the camera activity to that assets folder, 

4.b.5. I open the app and it opens the view but does not show any augmentation

Another hint... 

4.b.6 Upon webview inspection it has all the html app loaded but does not show nothing

In the same scenario[same tools, same assets folder app], if I load the sample wtc, it works, but If I load my downloaded wtc, if does not work, I think there is some issue in the wtc

(242 KB)

my bad, I was trying to work it as I design in the new wikitudeStudio Beta, and it does not work that way, I was using the Javacript so I have to draw the view from there.

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