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On Recognition Response never is called

 Hi all,

with my team we are developing an app under Unity 5.6.0f3 using wikitude cloud. As the app is under develop yet, we have a trial licence for the wikitude camera and a test licence for wikitude cloud.

The problem that we have is that the method "OnRecognitionResponse" never is called. I mean, the recognition works fine because if we put something into the Trakeable object, it's showing fine. The problem is that we need know wich target was detected to load in runtime an specific content. We note on the logcat that when a target is detected, the app triggers an "OnRecognitionResponseSuccess IndexOutOfRangeException (unknow file)".

What's we are goign wrong?

Also, is posible get the targetID of current marker?



Hello Gabriel,

Did you try with our sample app to see if this is working for you? In addition, since you are testing with Cloud Recognition, do you have a Manager API Token and a Client API token?



Hi Eva,
Thanks for response! The example is working fine, the problem is in our app, but technically we copy and paste the scripts, and yes we have both token the we get from our Target Manager.

I attach the scripts that we are using and a picture with the method assignation.


Hi Eva,

we note that the problem happends only when the marker is recognized because if we use any image that isn't include into a target collections, we can see that the app go to method but, when the target is detected, not this never go.

We also made a test we the sample app of wikitude. The things that we did to test are:
- Open the example app with Unity 5.6.0f3
- Open the scene "Cloud Recognition - Single Recognition"
- Change the Wikitude Camera licence for our licence ( trial licence )
- Change the API Token and a Client API token for our tokens ( test licence )
- And we execute the app with the same result. When the marker is detected, the app never entry to OnRecognitionResponse and the bottom button stay in "Recognizing..." but we can see the eye model over marker!

Can be this a problem with the licences?


Hi Gabriel,

Did you specify meta data for your image targets (target manager)?

Are you developing for iOS, Android or both?

Best regards,


Hi Andreas!

Thanks for response! I've added metadata to marker and now is working !!!
I do not understood why is it necessary to set it if we do not use it but, it is working !!


Hi Gabriel!

Thx for trying it out. It should definitely not be the case that meta data is necessary. So far it seems to be a bug in our Unity Android plugin implementation. We will fix this in our upcoming release which should be available beginning of September.

Thx again for reaching out to us!

Best regards,


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