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APK with builder.phonegap

Ciao, sono nuovo di wikitude e AR. Ho scaricato il progetto su Github e ho seguito i passi e suggerimenti per fare la mia prima applicazione in AR con Intel XDK e Wikitude.

Se ora provo a eseguire l'APK con il phonegap del costruttore, quando provo ad importare il mio file .zip da Xdk, Phonegap mi restituisce (errore, dimensioni max 50 MB). 

Sai come posso costruire il mio APK.

Grazie in anticipo.

Hello Davide,

There are some options available for you. I would say that the safest one would be that you place a 2D marker on the floor you wish to track and scan this marker in order to show the augmentation. Alternatively, you could also try and use Instant Tracking. In any case, please go through our documentation and find all relevant information there.



Hello Eva,

 thanks for your help. 

I would like develop an Android/Ios App with  wikitude and intel XDK.  
My AR App Could be similar to this:

When I see the floor with my phone (for exemple when I'm in my home) whit this application I  see on the floor "sand or grass floor",  and I or my friends can walk on this new Floor Augmented.

Have you any suggestion? 



Hello Davide,

You can download our Cordova Plugin from either our Download page (highly advised to use this) or from GitHub if you wish. For details regarding setup and configuration on Intel XDK please refer to this documentation section.



hello Eva,
 I'm working for build my first app with wikitude on intel XDK.
I have imported the project from github, and then I have imported the cordova plugin.

WHen I go to try build my app the XDK return me ever error.

Have you a video tutorial or tuturial please?

Thanks in advance for your help.

have a nice day.

can i download in github a sample app for intel XDK that use Wikitude?

Buongiorno Davide,

Unfortunately I do not speak Italian so could you please submit your request in Engilsh?



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