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GPS Based Augmented Reality


I am developing an AR application and would like to start off by asking a question here.

Is it possible for (X) AR device to pull a GPS location from another mobile phone (Y) and present a 3D model based on what (Y) have chosen in its mobile application?

Eg. Pokemon Go, but the 3D models are fixed to another user's real-time mobile location.

A code that allows my (X) smartphone to visually see a 3D model that another user (Y) has set for their location. For example; my friend set a 3D model on the app, the 3D model is fixed to this specific smartphone's location. When I look through the camera lens on my device, towards his location, I will be able to see the 3D model.

Hello Richard,

That use case would actually be possible with our SDK. However, you need to implement the part where you get the Geo Location of the other person (that would be outside of our SDK). Once you have this location then you can pass it to our SDK and display any augmentation you wish. You can refer to this documentation to see how you can place a 3D model at a GeoLocation.



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