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Faulty rendering of 3D Model on iPhone

I'm experiencing textureless red rendering of a 3d Model on iPhone 6+ with iOS 10.3.2. It looks like the Camera picture is mapped on the 3d Model.

On Android Nougat and iPad with iOS 10.3.2 the model ist rendered correctly. See Attached images.
I'm using Wikitude for Cordova 7.0.0, but I see the same behaviour with an older build made with Javascript API for iOS 5.3.0. on iPhone 6+.

The original wt3 file was generated with Wikitude 3D Encoder 1.6, but same thing, with wt3 from Wikitude 3D Encoder 1.7 An other 3D model is diplayed on the same iPhone in the same app correctly.

Can you help?
(143 KB)
(114 KB)

Daniel from Wikitude Support has found the problem: German special characters in the texture files.

Thank you Daniel!

It seems that with iOS 10.3 something was changed in the iOS file system.

Unfortunately the german version of Cinema 4D appends the Word "Oberflächenfarbe" to the texture file names when baking textures. So i had to rename every texture to eliminate the "ä" to make Wikitude on iOS 10.3.x render correctly.


The Wikitude SDK (JS API) always forces OpenGL ES 2 rendering. Only our Native API SDK allows Metal rendering. 

After a quick look at the calendar I would say we can schedule your support ticket for next week.

Best regards,


could it be a iOS Metal issue? Is it possible to force OpenGL rendering?

No warnings for neither when opening .wt3 nor .fbx in 3D Encoder
I'm sending the files by e-mail.


Search for "Spectral Augmented Reality" (Cordova 7.0.0) or "EBV Augmented Reality" (SDK for iOS Javascript API 5.3.0) in App Store.

Target Image is attached. You need Internet Connection fot this Target.

(1.01 MB)


Do you see any warnings in the Wikitude 3D Encoder when opening the .wt3 or .fbx? This usually happens if one of the model textures is missing. Such a missing texture generates a warning in the 3D Encoder.

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Android Lollipop looks good.
iPhone SE looks good.
but iPhone 7 renders bad (red)


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