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is there a " setDeviceDistanceAwayFromWall" method?

Hi, I would like to use instant tracking to track a plane on the wall, and I would like to ask if there is a method to set the right scale away from the wall just like the "setDeviceHeightAboveGround" function?  Moreover, I also want to ask if there is a limit of how far can the wall be away from the user? I would like to track the wall from a distance between 0 to maybe 100ft.

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It is possible to track a plane on the wall, as long as the wall is a 'good' environment. So it should now just be a white wall but there should be other objects on it as well. Regarding how to position the augmentation away from the wall you need to call two functions:

Finally, regarding the maximum distance you can have for InstantTracking, I would have to say that this feature is optimized for a large room that covers an area of approximately 10-20 meter.

I hope these cover your questions.




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