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Wide Angle Lens Adaptor support?


I am looking at developing an app for the iphone/ipad that has a wide angle lens mount applied over the original lens to give a wider field of view to the image.

Would the tracking SDK of wikitude support such a thing? Or does the tracking sdk only support known/fixed lens formats from the various mobile devices?



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Hi Richard,

As the default iOS SDK doesn't let you define a new camera field of view value, you would need to implement your own 'input plugin'. There you can specify the new field of view value of the camera. Lucky for you we ship an example that only includes the bare minimum of an input plugin (called 'Simple Input Plugin'). Have a look at the `SimpleYUVInputPlugin::initializemethod. Inside it the field of view value is set. Simply set it to whatever field of view you have with your new lens and use this input plugin instead of the default camera impl that would start without the input plugin.

Best regards,


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