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3DModel without a Target

Is there any mod that allows us to display a 3D model without scanning a target? Similar to sketchfab or snaptoscreen (without having to scan a target)

PS: GeoLocation is not practical because the modal can not be rotated, or moved on the go

Hello Wael,

You could try out our Instant Tracking feature. Instant tracking is an algorithm that, contrary to those previously introduced in the Wikitude SDK, does not aim to recognize a predefined target and start the tracking procedure thereafter, but immediately start tracking in an arbitrary environment. This enables very specific use cases to be implemented. One such use case, a furniture product visualization app, is implemented by our final example.



Hi Eva,

Thanks for the reply, but it wasn't what i was exactly looking for. If you check the video posted by Wikitude on their youtube channel "Sayduck - Powered by Wikitude" they have the See in 3D option which allows them to view the object in 3D, on screen and on the move (with the zoom and rotate features).. So the user is not limited by the ground or anything, but can check his model while also moving.. i want to know how can i make such a feature possible using Wikitude



Hello Wael,

The feature that was used for this app is Instant Tracking. If you have a closer look at the video, the AR experience starts when the user targets with his mobile phone the floor. Please note that since we are no 3D rendering company, you do need to point somewhere with your device.



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Oh ok then.. Thanks a lot for your help Eva

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