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supported devices in Google Play Store

Hi, we published our app (links for the app and play stores in, they work fine and we’re happy, except that we can get only roughly half of the 13.000+ android devices available. We know lots of them are not supposed to work according to the wikitude’s sdk documentation. But some of them definetly  should but do not like the Moto g5, it has compatible chip, screen size, screen density, api level and if we install the app directly it works but if someone access the play store there it says the app is not supported by the device. We already made changes to the android manifest, and we’re using Ionic framework so all the screen sizes and icons should have been taken care of. Does anybody have the same problem, can we at least optimize the number of devices that show up as compatible in play store?  

Hi Axel,

does your app use GEO-AR or InstantTracking? If it does a compass is required (which the non-US version of the Moto 5g does not have), otherwise you can remove <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.sensor.compass" android:required="true"/> from the Wikitude plugin manifest.

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 After adding the SDK and pushing a new APK to the Google Play Store we had warnings the new build would only be supporting under 4K devices.  It was due to the SDK adding <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.sensor.compass" android:required="true" /> to the Android manifest.  Setting the value to required=false fixed the issue and the APK is now supported on over 10K devices and we can use the feature on devices that are so equipped.  

Interestingly when requiring the android.hardware.sensor.compass only 3796 devices were listed as supported and after making the requirement false 10801 devices were supported, which means that  of our potentially supported devices 7005 devices were listed as not supporting the compass sensor, 65% at the time of this writing. 

So now that we have added this override to use the feature but not require it we will need to make sure we do not implement features that require the sensor on devices that lack support.  We can do that, but  I was trying to figure out which features specifically would need compass? I looked at the example from the Cordova SDK that produces POIs from a web service with range limiting which is the premise for many of our use cases and even one of my Android test devices (Motorola Moto Z 4) that does not have a compass sensor and that  Geo based demo works great for lat + lng based POI in relation to location, even the radar rotates with device rotation towards the selected POIs which I would have expected to use the compass for device orientation, that seems to be supplemented some other way.  Looking for clarity on specific functionality of the platform that will absolutely require the compass sensor.


The geo AR feature, which allows you to display content based on its latitude / longitude needs the compass to distinguish the direction the POI marker need to be displayed in the camera view.



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