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Wikitude BUG: sendJSONObject Error

I am using your SDK example of  "nativedetailscreen.js" and When I call the  AR.platform.sendJSONObject method, it throws the following error. I have tried including the ade file in the root and I have tried everything. Please help. Is this a platform bug?

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'sendJSONObject' of undefined

    at Object.__executeFunctionByName (ade.js:1)

    at Object.callAsync (ade.js:1)

    at c.sendJSONObject (ade.js:1)

    at Object.onPoiDetailMoreButtonClickedFn [as onPoiDetailMoreButtonClicked] (nativedetailscreen.js:117)

    at <anonymous>:1:8

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is this issue happening in your own app or our sample app?

Did you use the unmodified "nativedetailscreen.js"?

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