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Example scene of UnitySDK7.0.0 doesn't work


I'm trying to play scene "Image Tracking - Simple" in downloaded zip Wikitude_Unity_7-0-0_7-0-0_2017_07_12_17_04_31 with Unity5.4.0.

When I played the scene in Unity Editior, I got the game view like following image.

I think that the game view should display the image of the WebCam.

* Free license key has been set to Wikitude Camera. 

* There is no error log in console window.

Hello Eishi,

You should not try it on Unity Editor but you need to build it in your own device.



Thank you Eva.

It seems that I don't understand basic things.

Does Wikitude not work at all on UnityEditor?

Hello Eishi,

Unity Editor is supported but you need to test the app you built with your mobile device.




Thank you. I would like to build app.

I think it would be nice for the rapid development iteration if I could check the image using webcam of mac with Unity Editor.

Hello Eishi,

Thank you for suggesting this enhancement. We value the feedback from our community and hope to review your suggestion in an upcoming sprint.



Hi, Eishi. It's James with Wikitude. Could you please fill out this feature request survey? Thanks!

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