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ImageTracker not running

I used the generate cloud archive after adding targets via the API. But now Image tracker doesn't load or error. How can I fix this so that I can render my new Targets.

-was rendering all targets

-added target using api

-checked in wikitude studio

-Tested using postman to verify update archive function.

-now i cant recognize any targets with image tracker

Hello Sho,

Currently the new Studio is in a beta version and it is not integrated with our Cloud Recognition services. So for now you can either work with Client Recognition and Studio or you can go with Cloud Recognition and define the meta data via json



When you Wikitude SDK upgraded to 7.0, did you take off the cloud recognition integration with the new studio? because I was using the new studio just fine when it was still at 6.0.

Hi Sho,

The new Studio (which is still in beta version) was never integrated with Cloud Recognition. But since you mention the SDK I believe there is a piece of information missing here. Could you please explain in details all the tools you are using and what is your use case?



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