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Sample Project: White Background

hey there, sorry for posting again ;)

I've imported the wikitude-plugin and exported it to ios explained as in the instuctions ( 

The strange thing is, that the app does use the cam and tracks the image, but it doesn't render the actual camera footage. Compared to the youtube guide ( there is no canvas in the scene and there is also no prefab for it to be found. (The camera-object doesn't have any children attached)

Do I have to fetch and project the cam-footage by myself or is this a bug? 

When I checked Unity 5.6 with SDK 6 it was working. The new version runs on Unity 2017.1 with SDK 7 on an OSX device.

thak you and have a nice day,



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It seems that Multithreaded Rendering is the cause for this issue. Until we find why this is not working, please disable it from Player Settings -> Other Settings tab.

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Hi, i have the problem with the white background

You have any solution?

I am using unity 2017.2.0f3

I unload wikitude 7.1 and after wikitude (beta)


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Thank you for reporting this issue.

The problem lies with a possible bug introduced by Unity 2017.1 when rendering with Metal. SDK 6 doesn't include Metal support, so it uses OpenGL ES rendering where there aren't any issues.

SDK 7 still works correctly on Unity 2017.1 if you disable Metal rendering, or you can use SDK 7 with Unity 5.6, where Metal rendering works as expected.

Here is the issue that we reported to Unity regarding Metal rendering. If they don't fix it soon, we will add a workaround for it in our next release.

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Are you also getting the white background when you are running on the device? The background is expected to be white when running in the editor.

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I was attracted to the experimental setting, but no not that.

Just above in the Graphics APIs section delete metal leaving just OpenGLES2.

Then you will find the plugins part in the Project window, under Assets/Plugins/IOS.

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Thanks a lot.

We were getting either black or white textures for the live feed on iphones, SE, 6, 7 using unity 2017.1 and wikitude 7.0.0. That fix was good for us.

I can't make the sample working on Unity 2017.2. It worked normally on 2017.1.
The camera does not work and render a white screen. Is there particular setting to make it work ?

I tested the sample Instant Tracking scene picking.

@Richard Heasman

Does this issue happen with the our example app as well?

@Nicholas Tsaoucis

I tested on our devices and couldn't reproduce this issue using Unity 2017.2.0f2 and Wikitude 7.1.0 from the downloads page (not the beta page). Are there any error messages printed in the Android Studio console when you start the sample?

Regarding the watermark, please make sure that your license is compatible with 7.1.

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It worked for me!!! Thanks!!


It seems that Multithreaded Rendering is the cause for this issue. Until we find why this is not working, please disable it from Player Settings -> Other Settings tab.

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The 7.1.0 beta release available from our downloads page, in the Beta tab, should fix these issues. If you still have problems with camera rendering, please let us know.

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Does this work for anyone on 2017.2 beta for android devices?

The changes to the iOS settings doesn't really help the android builds.

Im testing on an galaxy s7 with 7.1 using api min 19 and target 24

I'm completely new and started with the samples. So I have: Unity 2017.1, Xcode 8, wikitude 7.0.0, running on an iPhone 5s iOs 10.3.3.

I tried to follow the direction as mentioned above and interpreted it as followed:

- adjust in the player setting: in the settings iOs tab, other settings section, Metal Editor Support * (Experimental) enabled

I could not find the "Plugins>iOS>libWikitude2UnityBridge" so start looking for some mention of 'Metal'

I'm still not seeing the camera view but a white canvas.

Could someone give me some help with this?


Just tested on Unity 2017.2.0f2, Wikitude7.1.0

With metal enabled, upon calibrating the tracker our game softlocks in DoRenderOffScreenCamera

Thank you for your help. 

Turning off Metal was a bit tricky: You have to remove or relocate Metal in the Player Settings and then go to Plugins>iOS>libWikitude2UnityBridge and ironically enable Metal under the rarely used frameworks so that xcode won't be missing any references between wikitude and metal.

tested the new 7.1.0  with unity 2017.2.0f2 on android, it still has a white background. camera is not rendering at all.

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