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[iOS] How to use my photo in my photo library

I want to use my photo in my photo library as AR.image.

I can display the photograph which I read beforehand. However, I can't display the photograph which is in my photo library of iPhone.

Is it possible to do in WikitudeSDK?

If it is possible, please let me know how to use it in WikitudeSDK.

kind regards, 



Apologies but I do not exactly understand what you wish to accomplish. Could you please describe in details your use case? Do you wish to have a photo that you have saved in your photo library as an AR.ImageDrawable?



Thank you your comment.

I want to display a photo which is in my photo library in semitransparency and take a screenshot(snapshot)

I was able to display the image which I put in assets folder (image folder in project file
 ) in semitransparency. However, I can't access my photo library and acquire a photo.

If it is possible, please let me know hot to use it.

You need to communicate with you native app using sendObject and callJavascript methods.

pass the image as String(Maybe?) 

Or maybe (some workaround) select the photo on library  upload it to some backend, get the url and then on AR.ImageDrawable set url.

Thank you.

To control photo library in Javascript and Objective-C, must I use plugin of cordova?

If you can do it only in Wikitude, please let me know how to use it.

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