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Android & Object Tracking : can't instantiate anything related to 3D tracking

Hi again Wikitude team,

I am now trying the SDK7 sample app on an Android device. Here I can instanciate the "Object Tracking" AR worlds, but nothing loads then. 

I have the following error in the JS console :


I deactivated the occluder creation, but then the error is the following : 


I have similar errors when trying multiple targets examples (also on iOS here),  so it seems that everything related to the SDK 7 is unkown in the AR webview :-/


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Oops I just realized that the version 6.1.0 of wikitude plugin was included in my project ! 

I downloaded the sample app on thursday just after the release of SDK 7, and I probably sync with some obsolete cache when importing Wikitude Plugin. So finally everything works fine on my side with Android !!

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