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Accuracy Differences (3M vs. 5M with CoreLocation)

Hi, I am trying to determine why or how the default Wikitude GPS system reports a 3M accuracy while pulling in raw data from CoreLocation etc. only ever yields a 5M or lower accuracy on the same devices (e.g., iPhone 6).

Does the core Wikitude (Cordova plugin) use some alternate GPS system on the backend that is somehow more accurate than the native GPS solutions? Or does the '3' value in accuracy mean something different than it does when reported directly through the native GPS framework? I have noted that the GPS values do differ between the two systems but have been unable to deduce which is technically more precise.

Do you feel I will get more accurate results by sticking to the default AR location data, or serving my own through CoreLocation / Google Location Services? The lower value for accuracy when using strictly AR data does confuse me.
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Hi Matt,

The Wikitude iOS SDK uses the default CLLocationManager to get location updates. Where do you have this value '3' from?

Best regards,


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