SDK 7 - The only AR platform that you'll ever need!

Today augmented reality takes a giant step towards tracking the world. We are excited to reveal Wikitude SDK 7, the all-in-one AR tool-kit” powered with object tracking, instant tracking (SLAM), multiple targets recognition, extended recognition range, and more. SDK 7 includes marker, markerless and location-based augmented reality features in one kit for developers.

The full-feature free trial of SDK 7 can be downloaded here. For a deeper technical insight check out this detailed blog post.

In a nutshell, SDK 7 includes:

  • Object Recognition
  • Multiple Image Target Recognition Hit-testing API for SLAM
  • Instant tracking improvements
  • Extended recognition range

So, let's have a closer look at two of the new features we introduced with SDK 7.

Object Recognition
SDK 7 significantly expands Wikitude’s SLAM technology by adding object recognition and tracking capabilities to its feature set. These features enable brands and enterprises to build augmented reality experiences using a variety of real-world objects, such as toys, sculptures, architectural models, product packaging, industrial machines and more. 

The workflow is simple:
record a video of your object, upload it to the Wikitude Studio Manager and create your AR experience as desired. Object recognition technology creates an additional touch point to interact with users, allowing real time and 360 degrees augmented reality experiences around real world objects.

Multiple Image target recognition
SDK 7 introduces ‘Multiple Image Target’ tracking to Wikitude’s advanced image recognition technology. This feature enables recognition of several images simultaneously. Once the images are recognized, developers will be able to layer 3D models, buttons, videos, images and more on each target. Additionally, augmentations will be able to interact with each other based on the targets’ positions. Multiple image target recognition can be used to bring interactivity to board and card games, empower consumers with information about different products in retail stores, assist workers with product organization on supermarket shelves and more.

The update SDK package is available on our download page for all supported platforms, extensions and operating systems. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our developers via the Wikitude forum. Enjoy our new cool features!

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