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Why elements don't appear?


I use android device + Unity 5.6 and try to repeat after Matthew but.... I record my own video and I don't know how to solve a problem: when I start app in my android and click on "Initialize" I don't see model elements in area.

Please help.

Hmmm. Ok. In my video  I show how my app will be work at tablet samsung t-580 but.... I decide to run my app on the mobile phone and it's amazing it's working on mobile phone but don't work in tablet. In what there can be a reason?


Hello Yauhen,

I think that the issue here is the requirements of your device. Please have a look here to see the minimum requirements that your device should have based on which sample you are testing.



Thank you for answer.

I testing on:

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 SM-T580 (Android 6.0 Processor:Samsung Exynos 7870 1600 МГц) - one of most popular tablet for android users. This test was unsuccessful. You can see it on my video.

2. I try to start my app on mobile phone Xiaomi Redmi 4 pro. Test was successful and I see all features of me app.

My goal to create app for most popular android devices because I try to create for most people.

How I can add ability to view my apps for people which have tablet T-580? May be you have additional plugin for this or some adjustment in SDK?

We (I and you) don't want to lose potential audience.

Your SDK is very amazing and I belive that we will find together answer and solve this small problem.

I download video to my channel and here it's may be in furture some people will see this and it help.

Hello Yauhem,

As mentioned in my previous post, you should check if the device you are using meets the minimum requirements we have set for each feature. Your device does not have a gyroscope or a compass and this is why you cannot test our feature there.

Thank you


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ok. I understand all. thank you.

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