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Authoring in Wikitude Studio, playing in custom app

Can I create contents in Wikitude Studio and then publish them to a custom app which developed with Wikitude SDK?

Hello Kent,

Yes that is possible. You can use our Wikitude Studio and then export the project your created and import it in your own app you developed. For more information please review this section.



 Hi Eva,

With the old Wikitude Studio you would get a link to a Wikitude hosted .js file which you could directly plug into your app and it would pull in all your targets AND augmentations.

With the new Wikitude Studio, it seems the automatically hosted files have been removed. You have to host yourself? The cloud-based publishing seems to only save your targets but not your augmentations?


The feature 'Hosting experience in Wiktiude Studio' is on our roadmap and will be added within the next months and will be availalbe to our SDK subscription customers.




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