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POI not appear even in Wikitude SDK example


im getting started using wikitude SDK using android javascript. im try implemeting on my android app base on wikitude-sdk-example, but the poi is not appearing. The poi is set near of my current position(not in front of me), its maybe my bad programming. so im try using Wikitude Example APK. what i've try :

  1. [POI at location] because i dont know where the POI,i try moving camera arround (not appear), walk arround(not appear).
  2. [POI with label] same result like number 1.
  3. [Multiple POI] same result like number 1.
  4. [Obtain POI] same result like number 1
  5. [Browsing POI] still same result.

did i miss some step to make the POI marker Spawn ?

*i didnt made any change on Wikitude Example Source Code



Hello Nano,

What I would recommend you do is have a very close look at our documentation and try to test with our own samples without any changes at all in the code, just to see if you can get it to work. Then, you can start modifying the code based on your own use case. I would also recommend that you have a look at this article for more information on how to work with GeoLocation features.



Hi..i am having the same problem..I have already installed wikitude and linked it to android studio.I also downloaded the wikitude sample projects which i am trying to run..When i run the POI at location, i get the camera view but i cant see the point of interest..

I am using a samsung galaxy J1 ace

 Hello Tom,

Could you please check if your mobile phone fulfills the minimum requirements that a mobile phone should have, in order to work with Sensor-based AR here i think that your phone is missing the Compass feature.



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