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Playing VideoDrawable inside the bounds of a tracked image

Is this possible?

(At the 1:23 mark of the video)

This video uses Pikkart but we want to implement a similar functionality using Wikitude's VideoDrawable. How to achieve this? We encountered several problems:

First, it's challenging to fit a video inside the bounds of the tracked image. (Since we haven't figured out a way to find the values of the bounds)

Second, our project accepts different aspect ratios for the video and image, which means the videos should have to be scaled depending on the image.

What could be a possible solution?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Lance,

this should be possible. 

The largest side of the target image is 1. If your VideoDrawable has a scale of 1 it should fit on the largest side of the target image. To also fit the smaller side your video for the VideoDrawable has to have the same aspect ratio as the image. 

Also make sure that the video has the same orientation as the target image. (landscape target image with landscape video)

Best Regards,


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