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Overlay with alpha channel not work

Dear. I have a video with the alpha channel below, as the documentation says. As normal video looks. But when I select it as Overlay with alpha channel, it always shows me a dialog box: "Connection Error: One or more items could not be loaded"

The strange thing is that a few days ago the same video worked perfectly.

Thank you


Based on the description I assume you testing with our new Studio, right?



Hello Eva,

Effectively, it is with the New Studio (beta).

As I said, weeks ago worked perfectly.

I tried different videos, the result is the same.

Is there any solution?

Note: I use New Studio (beta) because in the Studio I only allow 1 target.

Thank you for your report. We could reproduce the bug and fixed it on our live machines.

Can you estimate when it can work correctly? To be able to implement it Thnx

It is already implement it since yesterday. Again thank you for reporting and hope you enjoy it.

Thank you


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