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scaling and rotating 3d object with cordova plugin?


I am using Cordova plugin with OutSystems. I would like the 3D object to scale and rotate whenever i move the angle/distance/location of my phone.

How can i accomplish this behaviour?

I checked the sample 05_3dModels_6_3dModelAtGeoLocation\js\3dmodelatgeolocation.js script and noticed some scale and rotate properties but these are fixed.

Should i create functions WorldScale() and WorldRotate() with scale-factor and steps as parameters, in aforementioned script, for my goal?

I am a JavaScript novice so i would appreciate it greatly if someone could give some advice/help on this matter.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Kenneth,

Unfortunately we do not offer any example of how to accomplish something like that. However, what I could recommend as a workaround is to trigger the distanceToTarget function and based on the value you get change the scale of your object. Please note that this approach would work to change the size of the object but not rotate it.



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