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Getting Sensor values like azimuth,pitch and roll


How can i get the rotating geoobjects x and y values of screen or how can i get the sensor values like azimuth,pitch and roll. from AR. Sesnor.



Hello Swapnil,

Could you please explain in detail what is your use case and what you wish to accomplish?



Hello Eva,

 My case is that i want to move the android's native image view according to poi.


I'm afraid what you are looking for is something the JavaScript API does not provide. It merely enables you do place the augmentations we provide at specific geo locations, but it does not supply a transformation to be used on the native side.

May I ask why you need a native ImageView specifically? We do have AR.ImageDrawable which should fulfil the same purpose of placing an image at a geo location in the general case.

- Daniel

Hello Daniel,

Actually I want to move the image view which has GIF. I was trying to set the gif image using AR.HtmlDrawable  but  it doesn't show gif. so i want to use the native imageview to move according to poi



Good morning,

I'm afraid we do not support GIFs currently, but we do support sprite sheet animations, which should allow you to do the same thing; just not with a .gif file.

AR.AnimatedImageDrawable is the object you are looking for. 



- Daniel

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