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Add own .wtc to AppTemplate

Hey there,

I'm quite new to Wikitude and I just created my own project with Wiki Studio and the one free target marker. I exported it as "offline app" and everything works fine.

But now I want to add my own .wtc file to this project, but I'm stuck.
I created a .wtc file and replaced everything in your example app. This works perfectly fine. But adding the same files to my recently exported project, nothing happens.

I have no clue why my app can't recognize the targes, since the same files within anohter project work fine.

Do you have any suggestions for me what could cause this problem and where to start to look for errors?


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Ok nevermind. I now just created a project from scratch with the documentation and had to add a www. infront of the  <script src=""></script>
Then everything worked for me.
But I'm still wondering why it did not work in the downloaded app template.

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