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Unity Opengles 3. issues


I am using Unity to bulid a AR App. Graphics API is Opengles 3. 

However when i start AR scene its black or white with grid. 

I can not see the real world, and xcode log out failed to create IOSurface image;

unity 5.6 wikitude unity plugin 2.1

Hello Joe,

Our Unity Plugin supports OpenGL ES 3. Could you please report which device you are testing with (including Anrdoid or iOS versio) and the log message you are receiving?



I am testing on Iphone6 verson 10.3.2 

and the log message i got is :

Failed to create IOSuface image;

and this error message keep log like unity update function;

when build i select GraphicsAPI to OPENGLES 3, and delete OPENGLES2, then build.

Hi Eva,

Have test it?

Hi Joe,

As I said before, our Unity plugin supports OpenGL ES. Based on the error you receive I would say that this is not a Wikitude SDK issue.



Hi Eva,

I will repeat all the step so may be you can finger it out.

Before building I change Graphics API to OpenGL ES 3 under Player Setting -> Other Settings;


Then I remove OpenGL ES 2:


Make Sure there is Only OpenGL ES 3 left in the GraphicsAPI:


After this all done, I hit Build. Then copy all the file to MacOS.

Open The project with Xcode(version 9 beta).

1. Add wikitudesdk framework to Embedded Binaries;

2. Set Enable Bitcode to No;

3. Set Always Embed Swift Standard Libraries to YES

Press CMD + B to build, After Build suceed CMD + R to run the App on my Iphone.

After I switch to AR Scene, it's looks like WIKITUDE has detected plane on my table; However I can not get image of my real world. Below is my Iphone6 screen shot:



And Erro Message from Xcode Console:


Unity version: 5.6.0f3

Iphone6OS version: 10.3.2

Xcode version: 9.0 beta

MacOS version: 10.13 beta


Does this problem also happen when you run our sample project unmodified from downloaded package? Can you also check if OpenGL ES 2 work properly or if it has the same issue??

Thank you,


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