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"ARchitect Error: contains invalid values in the array"


I am using the Javascript SDK on Android. I am trying to add an html image that is fixed at one point on the screen by creating a HtmlDrawable and adding it to the drawables array of my GeoObject. However I get the error in the title when I try this. I tried adding it to the drawables of a different type of AR object (such as ImageTrackable) but I get the same error. I assume the problem is with my HtmlDrawable, however I don't know what can be causing it. Here is my code:


var shootButton = new AR.HtmlDrawable({uri: "assets/shooting.html"}, 1, {
            enabled: false,

 //error occurs here
 var models = new AR.GeoObject(this.locationRelative, {
            drawables: {
                cam: [this.modelGoal, this.modelBall, this.modelGoalie, this.shootButton]
            onEnterFieldOfVision: World.gameStart,
            onExitFieldOfVision: World.gameStop,

    I tried changing the uri to a short html string but that didn't affect anything either.

In addition, I would appreciate any suggestions for other methods of placing an image on one spot of the screen so that it doesn't move. I am not sure if what I am trying right now will achieve this effect because I am drawing it in a GeoObject. The image needs to be clickable as well to trigger events in Javascript.



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Hello Thomas,

Did you refer to the example Adding HTML content to see how you can use an AR.HtmlDrawable inside the AR scene?

Regarding your second question, you can refer to the ImageDrawable class to see all the methods, properties and events that you can use.



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