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Wikitude causes GVRSDK crash (iOS)

Installing Wikitude in a project with GVRSDK CocoaPod crashes GVRSDK.

Looking in this forum and at StackOverflow I see other people have had similar issues, eg:

None of these threads have helped me so far.

I don't see any errors when the app is compiling. Neither do I see any warnings regarding duplicate symbols. The crash happens when eg the GVRPanoramaView class is used. I have attached a screen shot of the crash. Since the error is EXC_BAD_ACCESS I tried enabling zombie objects, but this gave me no additional information. 

I have created an Ionic test project where the issue can be tested:

To test if the problem might be duplicate symbols, even though I get no such error, I tried to compare the arm64 part of:
  • plugin_test/platforms/ios/MyApp/Plugins/com.wikitude.phonegap.WikitudePlugin/libWikitudeSDK.a
  • plugin_test/platforms/ios/Pods/GVRSDK/Libraries/libGVRSDK.a

The following .o files are used by both libraries:
  • aes_ctr.o
  • buffer.o
  • digest.o
  • hmac.o
  • sha256.o
  • Texture.o
  • Frame.o
  • Service.o
  • ShaderManager.o
  • ResourceManager.o
  • Shader.o
  • lodepng.o
  • Timer.o
  • Image.o

I tried removing the overlapping .o files from GVDSDK, but then I can't compile the app. I also tried removing them from Wikitude, but then I can't compile the app.

How can this problem be solved?

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Good morning,

I'm afraid you already found all the resources I can offer you. Currently there is no solution for this in place and I also do not have any information on when this problem is going to be tackled.

So I'm sorry to say this will remain an open problem for now.

Kind regards


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