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SDK 6.x difficulties.


My click(on model) functionality on SDK prior to 6 was working perfectly. But once in updated to SDK 6.x, things started to go haywire. I have almost completed my project, but this is where I am stuck.  


1. What is the best practice? To declare the GeoObject inside the onLoaded() function of the AR model class? (AR.model), or declare the geoObject outisde the model? I have went through the references in your forums and in your documentation and I saw both, but NOT a precise and helpful,working implelentation. Could you please help me out with a code snippet that actually works?


2. I need an animated 3D model at a geoLocation. I need to walk around it. Once the user clicks on the model, I need to trigger other functions, but let's start with printing an alert. Currently, the click event is not registering. (When I debug it in browser)


3. When I declare the modelAnimation inside the model, the constructor error occurs.(TypeError: is not a constructor). What is the best way, taking into consideration some little optimization of the JS, to declare a model animation? inside onLoaded or..?


4. While I debug in the browser, The alert function that resides inside the onClick of the geoObject is succesfully executed. But not in mobile. Is there any problem in the SDK with animated models being clicked?

Actually, there are onClick properties associated with both geoObject and model object. Which is the best one to implement  if the functionality I require is to trigger a function as soon as the animated model is clicked by the user?


5. I see that many functionalities have been integrated to wikitude SDK 6.1. I particularly am interested in Drag. With current provisions, is it possible for the user to click on a 3D model, or an imageDrawable, and drag it all across the screen?


There is a discountinuity in the animation that wasn't there in the previous SDK. My model is a coin that rotates one time. When I loop this animation, there is a slight moment it stays frozen before initiating nother rotation.


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Hello Ashif,

1. Please read our documentation thoroughly as we do provide samples there.
5. Yes, with the drag function it is possible to click on a 3D model or an ImageDrawable and drag it across the screen. You can find one example here and another one here.

For the remaining topics, please create separate forum topics for each issue so that it will be easier for us to process and examine.



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