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Error connection azure

I used New Studio beta and exported my collection.

1 - The Project I exported was included into IOS native project and it worked fine.

2 - Added the same files into a Linux hosting and worked.

3 - Added the same files into azure servers, but, I had a conexion error (one or more elements couldnt load)

My question is why doesn´t work on azure? Do I have to change something to et a proper configuration?

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To be honest, I don't have any experience with azure servers. It might be a permissions issue. On some servers, the wtc file is delivered with an incorrect mime-type.

Additionally, you could debug the webview of your AR experience by loading it with the Wikitude SDK Examples app. Here is a description how you can debug the WebView on Android, Here is a description for iOS for the debugging.

Hope that helps,


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