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Showing poi on Panorama with getting user live location.


I am using the JavaScript android  sdk. now  i want to show the poi on panorama view in android with user live location how it can be achieved.and how can i get the rotating x,y,z values of AR object.


Not sure if I got it right.
In case you want to display a panorama sphere and display POI markers in addition?
Unfortunately this is not supported. Although you can define a sphere as a 3D Model and place it relative to the user, this will cause any items outside this sphere to no longer be visible on screen (You're in a way caught in this sphere ball).

In case you want to display POIs around the users current position, just have a look at the related samples.

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Hi, Thanx for suggestion but if i want to display panorama with 3d model i have to create it first. instead of i want to use the panorama image from google api with user live location. 

Unfortunately this is not possible as you'd need to also convert the panorama into a proprietary file format (wt3) when using the SDK with JS command-set. You may use your custom rendering engine and have a look at the native API SDK.

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Hello Andreas,

Thanks  for replaying.So is there another way to use panorama in android  with poi.I think we can do that in following manner.

 if some how we can disable the camera  or change the background of Architect View and use the googles Panorama View in relative layout.But the problem is that we cant change the background of Architect View .

Can you provide some idea to show the poi on Panorama View .

As states in my previous post, unfortunately there is no way to solve this issue in the current SDK aside from a custom rendering engine implementation. Sorry to not have better news.

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